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Share Your Love With Me

This song is by Aretha Franklin and appears on the album This Girl's In Love With You (1970) and on the compilation album 30 Greatest Hits (1986).

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Share Your Love With Me
It's an evil wind
That blows no good air
It's a sad heart
That won't love like I know it should
Oh how lonesome (oh how lonesome)
You must be
(You must be)
It's a shame (shame)
You don't share your love with me

It's a heartache yeah
(It's a heartache)
When love is gone
(It's a heartache)
But it's bad
(Bad) and even sad (sad)
All day long

And it's no wonder
When you won't see me
It's a shame
If you won't share
Some of your love with me

I can't help it oh no
If he's gone
I must try to forget
Because I got to live on
Have me some good thing
It's a sweet thing
(Its a sweet thing)
But you love someone eles
(Such a sweet thing)

But It's bad (bad)
And even sadder (sad)
When it's not the time

And Ooooooooooh
How lonesome... how lonesome
How lonesome baby
You must be
(You must be)

I tell ya it would be a sad (sad)
Shame (shame)
If you don't share
Your love with me
(Share your love with me)

It would really be a mistake baby
(If you say it)
If you don't share
Your love with me
(Share your love with me)

It would sure be a shame
(Shame shame)
If you don't share
Share your love with me
Share your love with me
Come on bab - ay

Written by:

Al Braggs, Alfred Braggs and Deadric Malone

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