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Aggravated Twisted Fill

This song is by Archive and appears on the album With Us Until You're Dead (2012).

It's a matter of fact
It's just another open gap
Another way to distract
From what's really going down

Broken roads, cracking up slow
Breaking my bones
Etching white lines
Into my eyes
This time it's really going down

People tumbling, smashing, breakin
Over and over, over and over

It's now what we're facing
Time erasing thought replacing
Figures faxing
All that shit
I thought would always be around

Shattered windows-
Where did all my friends go?
Who's that?

(Ain't your friends)
Anybody around?
(Ain't no one?)
What's ---- smell
(Ain't your friends)
Terminated aggravated twisted fill
Fly- aggravated twisted fill
Fly by day minding my own business
The sun may shine today
If it all wasn't so far away-
So far away

Over and over, and over and over

People tumbling, smashing, breaking
Over and over, over and over

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