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​House Of War

This song is by Architecture Of Aggression and appears on the album Acts Of God: 4000 Years Of Phallusy (2009).

"When the sacred months have passed
Slay the idolaters
Where ye find them, take them captive, besiege them
Prepare for them ambush. But if they repent
Establish worship pay poor-due
Then leave them free"
(Surah 9, Ayah 5)

"Fight in the cause of God those who fight you
Slay them but fight them not at the (sacred) mosque
Unless they first fight you there, if they do
SLAY them
Such is their reward
Those who suppress faith"
(Surah 2, Ayah 190,191)

"Soon shall we cast terror into the hearts
Of unbelievers their abode will be fire
Evil is the home of the wrong doer"
(Surah 3, Ayah 151)