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Designer Religion

This song is by Architecture Of Aggression and appears on the album Acts Of God: 4000 Years Of Phallusy (2009).

(In 325 A.D. the council of Nicea
Unleashed an unholy creed
Designer faith, untempered guilt
Behind an engine of misery
An Emblem of pain and fear
Set to destroy millions of lives to come!)

Eradicating shining lights of human thought
Plunging the world into darkness
A counter evolutionary Meme was set free
Promising eternal life
And gratification
In the here-after

Just suffer and submit
In the here and now
Such a simple trap
You are guilty for being alive
Any opposing scriptures were excised
Monstrous in its creation
(Monstrous in its perversion)
Monstrous in its spreading

Spread by Rome
Spread by conquerors
Believe or be put to death
"Religion of love" indeed
Believe or be put to death

Designer religion- well thought out lie
A death cult steeped in morbidity
Congregating in the dark
Invoking ancient rituals

Belief in a man who was his own father
Born of Virgin birth
A man who willingly put himself through torture and death
To save you
Judge, jury, execution, victim
Sadism, insanity, fallacy, myth

Look closer at your Christ, your Messiah
Judaic wizard, raising the dead. Necromancer
Suffering, broken, bleeding, suffocating, dead
Three days of rotting, three days of decomposing, putrefying
Necrotic Christ, rotten savior
Arisen undead, zombie
"Eat my flesh, drink my blood"- Cannibal cult
Zombie Cannibal Christ!

Worshipping suffering
Idolizing a failed man
A broken prophet
Constantly fearing demons, torture, hell
Morbidity, fear and guilt
The legacy you carry
The legacy you spread
Designer Religion