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Set My World on Fire

This song is by Architect and appears on the album Mine (2013).

Where will I find you?
Why under my heart? My blood stains you
I really don't want you to taste my faults
They say the world is coming to an end
God is laughing while we make our little plans
How desperate we are

One day comes after another
We still don't find our way
There's no reason to stay
And you still want to come

Not a perfect choice
But this is how we function, isn't it?

Why did you choose me?
I'm selfish and unbounded
I want it all for myself
I might involve you in things you don't like
Things that aren't like you
I'm probably not your person
Aren't you afraid of it?
Aren't you afraid of light?
The world you're about to enter
Aren't you afraid of pain?
Well, I am
But maybe I'm wrong

Your arrival will burn all to the ground
And a new world will begin with you
I'll take off my skin which I'm tired of wearing
And I will grow a new
You know everything, don't you?
You don't fear the pain, do you?
You are more than we ever believed
We're blinded by fallibility
Lost our curiosity
We have to refind the world in you


Lyrics by:

Emese Arvai-Illes

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