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This song is by Architect and appears on the album Mine (2013).

Looking for a word
But to the hell with talking
Cause the skin is ripping up
Crimson drops are falling

My belly splits apart
My inside's hanging out
I tighten up my corset
I'd rather let it out (on you)

People always try to push it back
They got stuck in the cozy trap of misery

That's all what you get
I won't make any stupid reason
That's all what you get
I am feeling
That's all what you get
And I can make you pray for more
That's my tenderness

Yeah, you see me suffer
And I see you're shaking
We're looking each other
Don't act like that
I'm not your mother

Yeah, you see me suffer and I see you shaking
We look at each other
You ask me: "so now what?"
Come closer

Oh please don't be sad
Let me lead you on
I'm gonna make your bed
My tears will call you home

With horrible anger
And much horrible gratitude
I'll destroy everything around you


Lyrics by:

Emese Arvai-Illes

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