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Album by Archie.
  1. Art Of The Dress (Club Mix)
  2. Art Of The Dress (Radio Edit)
  3. Babs Seed (Archie Remix)
  4. Becoming Popular (Club Mix)
  5. Becoming Popular (Radio Edit)
  6. Christmas In Equestria (Club Mix)
  7. Christmas In Equestria (Radio Edit)
  8. Fallen Dreams
  9. Flutterdreams
  10. Goodnight Luna
  11. Hush (with The Living Tombstone)
  12. I Need More Ponies
  13. I'll Do My Best
  14. I've Got To Find A Way (Archie Remix)
  15. Love Is In Bloom (Archie Remix Ver. 1)
  16. Love Is In Bloom (Archie Remix Ver 2)
  17. Magic Is Timeless (Club Mix)
  18. Magic Is Timeless (Radio Edit)
  19. Manehattan Nightfall
  20. No More BHG
  21. Pwny Anthem
  22. Rainbow N Dash (Club Mix)
  23. Rainbow N Dash (Radio Edit)
  24. The Lunar Republic
  25. The Pinkie Pie Style

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