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Poison of Father Is His Poisonous Son

This song is by ArchiTyrants and appears on the album Black Water Revelation (2011).

Surrender by the enchantment of the darkness
Contemplate him surrounding the Esther
Seducer of the first virgin from immaculates
Old snake, mixed the seeds and the pure blood

Queen displayed to the moon shine
Pleasure and luxury, drink the immortality
Snake of infinity enchantment of the mysteries
Wisdom that kill and cure with the same poison

The virgin becomes the queen and induces the sensible erotic dreams
Priest sacrilegious takes for him the cursed drink
The body of the queen will generate the fallen angel
And the new anti God will be born to be the king of the Universe

Priest dresses the animal's head
Fuck the girls taken by the perversion
Toast up high the wine, incenses burn around the bodies
Bitches dressed like drunk sisters inside the orgy

Father of spirituality teaches with severity
Throwing enigmas to his son as a challenge
Poison of father to passes the wisdom to the son
Poisonous son is the wisdom of the father

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