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Nocturnal Government

This song is by ArchiTyrants and appears on the album Black Water Revelation (2011).

In the end of the world people search for help
Claim for their lives and cry for their dying
Scream for their rights, against their omitted leaders
Their moans are ignored by the lords of the world

Poor bastards plead for their dignity in vain
Piled up like worms, devoured carcass
Dead organism rottens by the vultures
Flying patiently waiting for the devils feast

When man created god, the universe retroacted in evolution
And the evil laughed, watching the drama of civilization

The humans act the truly celebration of holocaust
Rehearsing the end of times, thrilling mass suicide

When your soul sickens and your spirit leave thou
Your sons will feed from your flesh
When your blood weakens and your being is dissolved
Your bones will become weapons, your sons will kill themselves

Fortunate lords, hangmen and indifferent of the sick
They delight on the anti-ethic enrichment and relish on mysery
They please on the pests' pain and laugh on genocide
They salute on the illegitimate and carry the burden of lamentations

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