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Morbid Peace

This song is by ArchiTyrants and appears on the album Black Water Revelation (2011).

Biological unities that aren't evolved
Communicate among themselves with grunts
Sleep in the shadow of the saint ignorance
Passing their fugacious eternity

They hide themselves in the mantle of the archaic beliefs
That feed themselves voraciously
Their empty souls connect themselves
Consecrating the legacy of the submissives

And the men got lost in the darkness of
The inferior lands, unconsciousness
The morbid peace is to die calmly
Drowning in the ocean of ignorance

The wisdom is the art of prevail and organize the knowledge advanced
The superior intelligence tries to contact by cerebral frequencies
The thinking machines command their cells and get into the unknown
They have drunk the secrets and the deepest mysteries and wake up the conscience

All the innocence has been smashed by the ignorance
All the ignorance has been smashed by the conscience

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