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Gruesome Symphony

This song is by ArchiTyrants and appears on the album Black Water Revelation (2011).

Musicians execute a gruesome symphony
That is spread through the unlimited world
Won't be heard by the simple mortal beings
And will invocate the chosen ones to celebrate the evil

The adepts take themselves the path of the dark arts
Transcending unexplored lands even by its possessor
When they reach the centers searching the geomantic valleys
The lords of the world go beyond the goodness and the evil

The word's power of the dragon orator
Dancing flare dancing according to the wind
Giant Salamander sings with his igneous voice
Nocturnal mantle is the theater of the invocation

They ramble through the dark streets between the dry trees
Between the ancient tombs of the forgotten genocide popes
Where the templar goats' heads vigilante through the eternity
While the oldest serpents evocate a prayer to the heroes

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