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Dark Cypher of the Justice

This song is by ArchiTyrants and appears on the album Black Water Revelation (2011).

I am the only lord of my acts
Redeemer of myself
Executioner of fragile existence
And judge of the condemnations

Insubordinate of the insurrection
And poet of insults in the epitaph
Savior of the last freedom
Admirer of the hideous behaviour

Raper hedonist of souls that gives pleasure
When they are eaten
Posthumous heir of the sane lands' customs
And sexual satiated slap-up meal

Maleficent angel that hugs the world
With shady wings of destruction
Missionary that brings the illuminator fire
Of the wisdom, blades in the sunrise

Apocalypse's knight that observes the men
And applies joust injustice
Master hunter of the horde of plague of inhabitant
Of Earth, reliable of a sublime duty

Darkness' spy sabotages with dangerous
Ideas the archaic being's world
Morning light that spreads strange values
Through the field of ethical principles