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Big Joe and Phantom 309

This song is by Archers of Loaf and appears on the compilation Step Right Up (1995).

Back out on the east coast
I was trying to make a buck
Times were hard and, and I was down
I was tired of bumming around
So I started thumbing my way back to my old hometown

On the third night I got stranded at the crossroads
And as the rain came downthere was a chill
I was hungry, tired and a week away from home

It was just about that time
When the lights of a big semi topped the hill
I smiled as those air brakes came on
And I climbed into the cab
"Big Joe's the name," he said
"And this here rig is called Phantom 309"

So we rode a while and traded stories
I smoked up all his Viceroys as we moved along
Until, mysteriously, the lights of a truck stop came into sight

"I'm sorry son," he said "this is as far as you can go
I have to make a turn just up the road and I have to let you off here"
And as the rig rolled to a halt he handed me a dime and said
"Go in there boy, and get yourself a hot cup of coffee
And tell 'em it's on on Big Joe"

So I walked into the truck stop, ordered myself a cup of mud
I told the waiter my story and as I threw my dime on the counter
He turned pale and the place grew deathly quiet
"Every driver in here knows Big Joe," he says
"Ten years ago out at the crossroads
There was a busload of kids comin' home from school
And they were right in the middle of the road when
When Joe topped the hill and could've been slaughtered except old Joe
Turned his wheels and jackknifed, went into a skid
So here, son, get another cup of coffee, it's on the house
You see to it you hang on to that dime as a souvenir
Of Big Joe and Phantom 309"


Written by:

Tommy Faile

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