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Dark Age Of Reason (1996)Edit

Arcana - Dark Age Of Reason
Dark Age Of Reason
  1. Our Gods Weeps
  2. Angel Of Sorrow
  3. Source Of Light
  4. The Calm Before The Storm
  5. Dark Age Of Reason
  6. Like Statues In The Garden Of Dreaming
  7. The Oath
  8. ...For My Love
  9. Serenity
  10. The Song Of Mourning

Cantar De Procella (1997)Edit

Arcana - Cantar De Procella
Cantar De Procella
  1. The Opening Of The Wound
  2. Chant Of The Awakening
  3. The Song Of Solitude (The Cry Of Isolde)
  4. Void Of Silence
  5. Cantar De Procella
  6. Aeterna Doloris
  7. The Song Of Preparation
  8. Gods Of The Winds
  9. The Dreams Made Of Sand
  10. Gathering Of The Storm
  11. La Salva De Profundis
  12. The Tree Within

Lizabeth (1997)Edit

Arcana - Lizabeth
  1. The Opening Of The Wound
  2. The Dreams Made Of Sand
  3. Emperor Of The Sun

...The Last Embrace (2000)Edit

Arcana - The Last Embrace
...The Last Embrace
  1. The Last Embrace
  2. Hymn of Absolute Deceit
  3. Diadema
  4. Winds of the Lost Soul
  5. Love Eternal
  6. Repentance
  7. March of Loss
  8. The Ascending of a New Dream
  9. Sono la salva
  10. Lorica vite

Body Of Sin (2002)Edit

Arcana - Body Of Sin
Body Of Sin
  1. We Rise Above
  2. Body Of Sin

Inner Pale Sun (2002)Edit

Arcana - Inner Pale Sun
Inner Pale Sun
  1. My Cold Sea
  2. Lovelorn
  3. Icons
  4. We Rise Above
  5. Innocent Child
  6. Song Of The Dead Sun
  7. Season Of Thought
  8. Closure

Le Serpent Rouge (2004)Edit

Arcana - Le Serpent Rouge
Le Serpent Rouge
  1. In Search Of The Divine
  2. Le Serpent Rouge
  3. Cathar
  4. Under The Sun
  5. Amber
  6. Seductive Flame
  7. Serpents Dance
  8. The Passage
  9. The Nemesis

The New Light (2004)Edit

Arcana - The New Light
The New Light
  1. The Opening
  2. Reminiscence
  3. Source Of Light
  4. Fade Away
  5. Wound
  6. Lament
  7. Prophecy Of The Inevitable
  8. Eclipse Of The Soul
  9. Like Statues In The Garden Of Dreaming
  10. Through The Grey Horizon
  11. Wings Of Gabriel

Raspail (2008)Edit

Arcana - Raspail
  1. Abrakt
  2. Sigh of Relief
  3. Invisible Motions
  4. Outside Your World
  5. Parisal
  6. Autumnal
  7. Out of the Grey Ashes
  8. Lost in Time
  9. In Remembrance
  10. Circumspection

As Bright As A Thousand Suns (2012)Edit

Arcana - As Bright As A Thousand Suns
As Bright As A Thousand Suns
  1. Somnolence
  2. As The End Draws Near
  3. Inceptus
  4. Medea
  5. Leave Me Be
  6. Infinity
  7. In Memoriam
  8. The Fading Shadow
  9. As Bright As A Thousand Suns
  10. Vinter

Other SongsEdit

  1. Illuminator
  2. Out Of The Gray Ashes
  3. Song La Salva
  4. Sweet Night

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  • 1994-present
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