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Suburban War

This song is by Arcade Fire and appears on the album The Suburbs (2010).

Let's go for a drive and see the town tonight
There's nothing to do but I don't mind when I'm with you

This town's so strange, they built it to change
And while we're sleeping all the streets get rearranged

And my old friends, we were so different then
Before your war against the suburbs began, before it began

And now the music divides us into tribes,
You grew your hair, so I grew mine
You said the past won't rest until we jump the fence and leave it behind

And my old friends, I can remember when
You cut your hair, we never saw you again
Now the cities we live in could be distant stars
And I search for you in every passing car

The night's so long, yeah, the night's so long
I've been living in the shadows of your song
Living in the shadows of your song

In the suburbs I, I learned to drive
And you told me we would never survive
So grab your mother's keys, we leave tonight

You started a war that you can't win
They keep erasing all the streets, we grew up in
Now the music divides us into tribes
You choose your side, I'll choose my side

All my old friends, they don't know me now
Oh, all my old friends are staring through me now
Oh, all my old friends, they don't know me now
All my old friends, they don't know me now
All my old friends, wait

Written by:

Win Butler / William Butler / Régine Chassagne / Jeremy Gara / Tim Kingsbury / Sarah Neufeld / Richard Reed Parry

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