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​Satanic Birth In Jerusalem

This song is by Arallu and appears on the album The War On The Wailing Wall (1999).

War of the gods, end of the world
The gate is been opened
Something has fallen behind the mountian
Looking closely, one can see the red sperm
Spilled and heading our way
Here comes the death blow!

Satan smiles and orders the destruction of the world
His warriors turn into zombies, whose souls are on fire

I suddenly feel lonely, not comprehending what has happened
I hear a siren and fall asleep, then awaken with a bloody sword
I feel nothing, but the souls of the massacred
Strengthen me.

I look up the sky, fall down on my knees and shout
I enter the gate and see the burning pentagram

Lucifer leads the way for me to the battle
No feeling but raging fury
Desire to kill all the opponents

And deliver their souls to my deamons
The skies are angry with us
Humans are were vessels in his game

The warriors of hell takes the war to victory
And knows they will pay for their sins