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City Cats (1979)Edit

  • aka Arabesque II
Arabesque - City Cats
City Cats
  1. Peppermint Jack
  2. In the Heat of a Disco Night
  3. Rock Me After Midnight
  4. Lucifer's Lover
  5. Dancing in the Fire of Love
  6. It's So Hard to Leave You
  7. Hell Driver
  8. City Cats
  9. Don't Kiss a Crocodile
  10. Plastic Heart

Marigot Bay (1980)Edit

  • aka Arabesque III
Arabesque - Marigot Bay
Marigot Bay
  1. High Life
  2. Jingle Jangle Joe
  3. Roller Star
  4. Bye Bye My Love
  5. Marigot Bay
  6. Parties in a Penthouse
  7. Once in a Blue Moon
  8. Hey, Catch On
  9. Take Me, Don't Break Me
  10. The Only Night Was a Lonely Night

Arabesque IV (1980)Edit

Arabesque - Arabesque IV
Arabesque IV
  1. Keep the Wolf From the Door
  2. I Don't Wanna Have Breakfast With You
  3. Night in the Harbour
  4. Hey What a Magic Night
  5. Midnight Dancer
  6. Hi-Hi-Highway
  7. You Win, Hands Down
  8. Black Out
  9. Born to Reggae

In for a Penny (1981)Edit

  • aka Arabesque V
Arabesque - In for a Penny
In for a Penny
  1. In for a Penny, in for a Pound
  2. The Hero of My Life
  3. Like a Shot in the Dark
  4. Run the Show
  5. Indio Boy
  6. Billy's Barbeque
  7. The Doctor Likes Music
  8. The Rebels of the Bounty
  9. Let's Make a Night of It
  10. I Stand by You

Arabesque VI: Caballero (1981)Edit

Arabesque VI: Caballero
Arabesque VI: Caballero
  1. Caballero
  2. Why do You Ride the High Horse
  3. Tall Story Teller
  4. Touch and Go
  5. Don't Wait for a Sailor
  6. Hit the Jackpot
  7. Look Alive
  8. A Flash in the Pan
  9. Fool's Paradise
  10. The End of the Show

VII Why No Reply + VIII Loser Pays the Piper (1982)Edit

VII Why No Reply + VIII Loser Pays The Piper
VII Why No Reply + VIII Loser Pays The Piper
  1. Why No Reply
  2. Discover Me
  3. Don't Fall Away From Me
  4. Moorea
  5. A New Sensation
  6. Young Fingers Get Burnt
  7. Rainy Love Affair
  8. Prison of Love
  9. Surfing Bahama
  10. Zanzibar
  11. Loser Pays the Piper
  12. Heart on Fire
  13. Pack It Up
  14. For Your Smile
  15. Sunrise in Your Eyes
  16. Dance Dance Dance
  17. Angel Face
  18. You Better Get a Move On
  19. Stupid Boys
  20. Bye Bye Superman

Other SongsEdit

  1. Friday Night

Additional information

Artist information:


Years active:

1977-1986, 2006-present

Band members:
  • Michaela Rose - Vocals (1977-1984, 2006-present)
  • Sabine Kämper - Vocals (2006-present)
  • Silke Brauner - Vocals (2006-present)
Former members:
  • Karen Ann Tepperis - Vocals (1977-1978)
  • Mary Ann Nagel - Vocals (1977-1978)
  • Jasmin Elizabeth Vetter - Vocals (1978-1984)
  • Sandra Ann Lauer Wikipedia16 - Vocals (1978-1984)
  • Heike Rimbeau - Vocals (1978-1979)
  • Elke Brückheimer - Vocals (1979-1979)
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