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Gaze at words floating in heart’s surface
put hand on another as in silence
Talking matches the space between the couple
The tears of painful reality that naturally run along the cheek
Chase the light
The existance of spinning love’s sound
spinned and weaved story

The meaning of treating important people importantly
I want to make this person’s sky become blue, and to think that
though my own feeling was camouflaged
in scattered time I sent off a letter

“Has fated love fallen already?
Yet, is it there, getting wet in the rain?
Is it only the remains that getting wet in the rain?”
You who, with words, conceal the limited voice in bareness
It wasn’t a thing called loneliness, right?

The orange sunset
soaks through the curtain of my room
The hand that grasped mine in return
was under the sky of far away street
The loneliness is inside this chest
I breathe a painful breath
A great sigh dances in the air
fusing inside the flowing time

Night where we embraced a happy fantasy when sleep
Whom person do you think of, whose dream do you see?
I wonder what place the separated time continues leading us to
in this world it isn’t an unchangeable thing

This day’s “absoluteness” will surpass any tomorrow
Running away to see the light with my own eyes
I wonder if that’s my way
Even so it’s fine, and thinking in fondness from that moment
You who sleeping in somebody’s chest is now a different person

Overflowed by emotion that wouldn’t end
I wonder if one day it would be over
in that case, this moment let’s call the eternity
Let’s decorate this time with many memories
Constantly flowing inside the reality
Diving into the bottom of heart, it was the voice
slowly getting near, embrace my solitude
You’re beside me
laughing beside me…