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On nights where I was lonely and couldn't sleep I turned on the TV and the volume is too loud
The needle on the clock and the loneliness can't be reversed by the fain light
Being honest and putting on a face is what spins the globe?
I wanted to have more freedom but I'm not a kid anymore
It's not just romance I can't protect anyone
The words I swallowed by my behavior "If this is for my family I will hang my head low
if it's to help someone I'll do anything"
Kindness is not a weakness

Now come on, each path we go down covered in sweat
Is proof that we lived
Before our time expires
Come on
Certainly the bright moon in the darkness is awaiting us

The lonely shadow searching for love
Freely spend money on a drug called pleasure
Before long the smoky happiness
Will vanish and so will the emptiness
It seems like my soul has dropped somewhere
This county is like a sad fantasy
Overflowing with the latest new and fads
An empty heart returns home
For some reason my 'shiatzu' tail is waving
It's tail in my hometown's park
Even if I died
I'd stroke your hair while calling your name in my dream
Just when I held you in my arm I woke up

Now come on, each path we go down covered in in tears
Grief, a shout, they'll all turn into a smile
C'mon let's go
Surely everyone has shadows in their heart
There are days where I think "I can't do it anymore"
Of course even me

C'mon let's go
Even if the rain doesn't let up
"We won't lose to the rain"
Until pain, companionship and the light pour down

C'mon let's go
"A world without interesting things is interesting"
And facing tomorrow, singing
In short, we keep on living