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A falling drop of water
I realize because I’m losing important things
Pulling on repetitive talk and sophisms
Holding up foolish freedom over my head
At the same time there’s a dead end
And when I’m done being smeared with loneliness, there’s another dead end
Eventually only the self-satisfying delusion will swell up

Without even the sadness of important people being wiped
For the sake of just the usual me
I tried to collect the light

Since when did my sky become completely confined?
I’m not even sure if the sun will rise tomorrow
Until I’ve placed uncertain things in my hand
It will be a starless night

My destination’s sky is kind
The flowers there whose names I don’t even know are just magnificent
A rainbow steps over the field, and the lakes are mirrors reflecting reality
The four seasons circulate around, bringing along spring which passes the melting of the snow
A flower bud continues on to become a flower, and the flower to a fruit
It’s an eternal loop

My heart is treated gently
In all the colour, all the light
I studied a lot of things

Without the cloud being in a rush, it’s slow and calm
Changing it’s form, entrusting itself to the stream
Outside of my drawing paper, freedom is almost forced out
I’m going to try and sketch my dream

A flake of glittering snow
My lit up palm
As for my last prayer
A figure which does things as much as it can, the current conditions
It becomes a colour
A clear white world, that’s winter’s delight
The future which appears and disappears
How far it will go depends on itself

My heart was treated lonely
All the farewells, all the sadness
I want them to keep changing into hope

There’s nothing to stop the running light
There’s downpouring rain, but I should be able to keep going through it
Things like keys which open doors of thought
Soon, they will be completely thrown away

In my sky which is opening up
The sun will also rise tomorrow
Just for the sake of myself, I’ll end this daily play
My chest is excited with joy
I take a deep breath
In a beautiful night of stars