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A monochrome balloon in the blue sky
Alone, I look up at the square scenery
Up until now, just how many dreams
Have I allowed to end as just dreams ?
I was taken down with a glance
But at that moment I tried to walk on again
A girl who bites her nails gave me
The means to paint a sky-colored picture
When I mixed red and yellow to make orange,
I smiled triumphantly
I smiled at your innocence too,
I learned from you how to paint that dream
Do you have bruises on your arms and neck ?
What about as you are in that picture, crying ?
You quietly smile "bye bye";
I wonder what was on the other side of that smile ?

Do your unhealable wounds open up these days ?
Were you who were too young,
Smiling because you were regretting the sadness ?

I'm going to paint my dreams
With the means to make a sky-colored picture that you gave me,
So that I can be strong
I'm going to try to paint a dream
That will allow me to paint out the darkness of this world

Beautiful flowers don't bloom around true love
The light that passes through the pain
Immediately tangles around the folds of the heart,
And gradually heals as it blooms, as each of us imagine

This is no place for jealousy;
A person is injected with anesthesia in a darkness
Called everyday, passing through loneliness
Enduring those things is a person who is taking what is theirs,
In the form of human emotions
Yes, everyone has their own ideas and tastes,
So there's no answer; I'm just running through the darkness
No matter how much pain this may cause me,
There are words that I want to finish singing...

What kind of wind do you walk in ?
What are you crying about ?
Who are you laughing with ? What did you dream about ?
If I'm carrying this pain, happiness,
And loneliness by myself,
Then we should be able to share this night together

Pain is shivering in my heart, is it alright to cry ?
I believe that tears will dry up in this wind
I won't avert my eyes; even if I look down, I won't turn around
I don't regret doing what I should, I know that

I take in the sunlight with both of my hands,
I hold despair in my arms, to be strong
I trust in the sadness that passes through on the wind,
It's alright to start walking, going toward tomorrow