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Out Of This World With Proto Zoa

This song is by April Start.

Your smile hits me single time that i see you
your eyes, take me away
i don't know really know what this is gonna lead to
but its like
I'm floating in space

you took me somewhere that I've never been before
there's a whole new place waitin'
when you open up the door!

your out this world
i knew that you could make
it you didn't have to fake it
you never cut me down

your this world
i knew that you would, make didn't to fake it
keep your head don't look down

proto zoa's part

the stars
like a diamond of about the moon has fallen
i know that wish is come true

you're out this world this world out of this yeah
you're out of this world out of this world.......

your out of this world!!!

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