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This song is by Appleton and appears on the album Everything's Eventual (2003).

Original video
Do you know what to do?
Would you know where to touch me, if I want you to?
Do you feel what I feel?
Could you handle me now, now this moment is real

I know, you know everything will be ok,
if you treat me right,
green light, all night,
are you gonna get it your way to day

I ain't fooling around
Now that you see
Whats about to go down
Now that it's time
Boy to let yourself in
You gotta prove to me boy that you've got what it takes
Now I bet you can't wait for me to be your fantasy
For me to be your fantasy (for me to be your fantasy)

Do you like what you see?
Do you feel that you're closer to reality
Boy this isn't a dream (can I make it any clearer to you)
Can you be everything that I want you to be

I'm better then anyone
Anyone you ever had
So come on,
Give up give in to me
Show me how I drive you mad
How you wanna be, be so bad


Now that you know I ain't fooling around
Now that you see what's about go down X2

I can be anyone, anytime, anyplace
Any game you wanna play
Anything you wanna do
Cos you can have it, anywhere, anytime, anyplace
Show me what you wanna do
Anything you want me to


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