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Seven Signs

This song is by Apoptygma Berzerk and appears on the EP The 2nd Manifesto (1992).

Something is reaching out for you.
Opposites are struggling
It just seems strange just
Like they would grab you and use you their way
And change your mind within.
You're sure you hate them, but you're sure that they return.
They leave you sitting separate, they show you no concern.
But they are afraid because they have to go back
To the place where they all shall burn.

Once more you're talking in your sleep.
You're whispering my name.
Once more you're frightened as a child.
Your mind has been altered again.
Your skin is pale and your travelling with fear.
Fight back or they're gonna win.
Spirits from beyond have tampered with your brain.
Wake up before you go insane.

Don't mess with evil forces, there are spirits everywhere.
They judge you in Gods mercy and they sense the evil intents
Fight back with all demons that would do you harm
That have faith in the holy one.

They have faith in the holy one.

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