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This song is by Apoptygma Berzerk and appears…

This song has been covered by Technomancer under the title "Backdraft".
Freezing image, strobe of light, my head falls to the ground
Fighting with myself in search for life
Greedy fingers point at me, I'm on my own again
No one inside, no one to blame / am I insane?

Petrified with blasphemy so evil will occur
And try to penetrate my soul
Systolic structure is storing information in my mind
Through eyes and ears I reach my goal

Malfunction synthesystem is our destiny
We're psyched and trained to win the war
The reason is that we obey what you oppose
I listen to my conscience, don't ask why

Step inside now, watch me fall
And watch me float
'Cause we are changing structures
So kill the light, and watch me glow

Written by:

Stephan Groth (Grothesk)

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