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Triumphal Eclipse

This song is by Apokefale and appears on the album Interior Chaos (2005).

North, west, south in disorder
The thrones, empire right behind have fallen
On east set off distant, air to drink
In edge of destiny, change death
Be not afraid to die you see you only part of the world power
By meeting its person to the person light fire in soul
And it of signs you

To new life there revive
Learn to see the truth
As it difficulty to see such it
Such what it is actually

Know, true near to you
If you under guillotine
Does not trust be tormented
Shout about the nature

The nature is higher than us
What you did not do
Realize its authority or die for ever

The opposition is not meaningful
The bloody river of time
Has flooded your
You are dead

Study and think-
-Who will tell that the world is empty
Who will tell that the world is awful,
Who will answer your questions,
Be able to survive

But I now one
We cannot resist to power of a nature
The spirit of a nature is high so,
That can operate us.

The nature is higher than us

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