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​Fast Frozen Future

This song is by Apokefale and appears on the album Interior Chaos (2005).

Black book of dead is means of life
Life after death
Death queen is symbol of darkness
Fast Frozen Future
The rain in the night you fell, you must die
You see emptiness and the death slowly arrives

Clod wind
Tired, sad it carries with itself human rage
It trusts in destiny, it the wander of ground

My frozen body
Wishes new god
Bite my neck and it my soul
Moon is lighting bleeding face

Open the black book and summon ancient gods
Take away your anger through a return door in a hell

Open the grave and save in my ashes
I will to me a hand and drink my blood
Fast Frozen Future

Blood for Satan

I hate this future
I want this Fast Frozen Future
Kill me god, kill me, kill