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​Cult of Damned

This song is by Apokefale and appears on the album Interior Chaos (2005).

Destroy a canon-dogma
I tell you for a wisdom
I stand on a crossroad of spheres
Look up to the sky
And it will specify
Your own gateways

Your mind is caught by the hook of clarity
And shock is o deadly for the ways of subconscious
Now insanity reigns on ruins of thy reality
And faceless avenger makes the curtains fall

Panic is a most unexpected guest
You try to don't lose control, hopes suffocated
But ambiguous shades and hazy roads
Do you remember it, isn't you?

Voice proclaims the end of your illusions, its crushed to dust
Knowledge reveals, its pressing cells of horrified brain, no road to cast
The majesty of god, what are you talking about?
No logic, no reason, no matter no exit
And after forever, at flickering depths you will find the truth

Adrikan or om! dumaso!

And then he will start talking also he will be compelled to give the truthful answer

Adrican or om! dumaso!

Conquered wisdom - cult of damned

Sail to the grave of Aloha
Die for the might of Omega
Drain their peace for my reborn
Gain their war for my reborn