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Afflatus Afreet

This song is by Apokefale and appears on the album Interior Chaos (2005).

From useful through valid to fine
Its simply death
Cry about a pardon of sin is not present

The torment living are a pain
Cry and repent sinister afreet
Your divine relation close
Afflatus Afreet

Do not hurry up to burn down
In furry of the gods your hour will reach
The flesh will decay but the soul will wander
In labyrinths of life

Afreet you free
Fight till death
Afreet you free
In a name of torment

Being heaped up
In anything erased
The past decays as ashes
Like piece of coal in fire

Nothing will rescue you repent
Laughing in the person to the gods
Has come your verdict,
You have made a step

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