Apocalyptica:Inquisition Symphony (1998)

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Album by Apocalyptica.
  1. Harmageddon
  2. From Out Of Nowhere (cover from Faith No More's "The Real Thing")
  3. For Whom The Bell Tolls (cover from Metallica's "Ride The Lightning")
  4. Nothing Else Matters (cover from Metallica's "Black")
  5. Refuse/Resist (cover from Sepultura's "Chaos A.D.")
  6. M.B. (Metal Boogie)
  7. Inquisition Symphony (cover from Sepultura's "Schizophrenia")
  8. Fade To Black (cover from Metallica's "Ride The Lightning")
  9. Domination (cover from Pantera's "Cowboys From Hell")
  10. Toreador
  11. One (cover from Metallica's "...And Justice For All")

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