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This song is by Apathy.

I got Wolverine claws that'll slash through steel
Proton beams that'll blast through shields
Ap got a fetish for hoes in high heels
And my favorite hip hop beat is Mass Appeal
From the era of cassettes and The Reign Of The Tec
Every place that I step I would gain their respect
And the state that I rep, I put it on the map
Now Connecticut is known cause of Ap' it's a fact
I could fracture your back, manufacture a rap
That'll stab you in half before you factor the wrath
Of a psycho-path, paragraphs full of nitro-
Glycerin a missile from the pistol of the rifle
Blows off, show off, rap is super femi
Fuck giving dap duke I'm not that friendly
To another MC, I let the clip empty
And stay underground like Gobo and Wembley
Wow, what a change hip hop is so emo
Soft ass rap with a gassed up ego
I don't really care though, Ap's on a mission
Fuck the transition, interrupt the transmission
This is warfare

I dropped out the sky with my wings burnt off
Came to save Earth but it's much worse off
Would've fucked your girl but was too turned off
So I went home, thought of your mom and jerked off
Just saying, this is how much I'm not playing
Every verse that I'm laying is a demon that I'm slaying
And every rap that I read is like lead ricocheting
To your head till the red, admit it's obliterating
And literally a little bit of it in the litigation
As exhibit A, shit that they say is incriminating
I don't give a fuck all the fucks are taken
You can huff you can puff till the fluctuation
And your lungs caves all of your brains in your face in
I slice your throat tell 'em you cut yourself shaving
Hold you underwater till my fingers turn to raisins
I'm raising a murder of crows to kill ravens
Wow, what a change hip hop is so feminine
Fuck boys need to show respect to the veterans
I don't really care though, y'all ain't doing nothing
But pushing on my buttons and that's self destruction
It's warfare

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