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The Pendulum Swings

This song is by Apathy.

(Verse 1: Apathy)
More time flies by as the pendulum swings
She be talking 'bout having my baby and buying rings
A decision like prison but it's been a few years
Man my face should be full of those tattoo tears
'Cause now I'm domesticated, no more bagging bitches
I'm stressed when she bitching, 'cause I ain't washed the dishes
And my clothes all over the floor starts a war
Who's that whore on your Facebook I never seen before?
Now I'm Main Source status staring at the front door
But she's so real I really couldn't ask for any more
So I fight with this bitch 'cause she worth fighting for
Even if we beef 'cause I didn't open up her door
But, you don't know this chick like I know this chick
She would probably wipe my ass if I'm old and sick
And if I shit my pants, right in the ambulance
We still be holding hands, that's true romance
We're like Dan and Rosanne or Jack and Diane
Everything'll work out, even if there's no plan
And that's how we'll live, put family before biz'
I just wish that my father could've saw our kids
That's a pain I can feel straight through my ribs
Every time I shop for bibs, bottles and cribs
Is it a boy or a girl, I'm so eager to see
I dedicate songs to you for believing in me

You'll see the wonder and the joy life brings (4x)

(Verse 2: Blacastan)
More time flies by as the pendulum swings
You know the rhyme, live today but never know what it brings
Peace my lord, I'm striving for a better blessing
Plus I spent too much time in the department of corrections
Trying to change my direction like catching interceptions
Easier said than done, word up son
My life now, I couldn't picture before
Music got a nigga hopping on planes for tours
Fuck CO's, I'm staying up late eating Doritos
Writing flows, to check all these local nigga's egos
A hero to some but a villain to most
Fam' witnessing the change, now they feeling the growth
For another safe flight, lets put up a toast
'Cause tomorrow night I'll probably be on the left coast
And most shows that I do is dedicated to crew
So rest in peace Mom Dukes, this one is for you
And a love so true, in your stomach I grew
Into fruition, poof, appear like a magician
Composed ill bars like a classical musician
To show you where my heart's at, I know you still listen

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