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Swagger Like Ap Boycotts

This song is by Apathy.

(Verse 1: Apathy)
I ain't even gotta brag 'bout my swag, fuckin' fag,
Charismatic, there you have it, Ap's got it in the bag,
Thank my mother, thank my dad, 'cause maybe it's genetic,
But you probably stay pathetic 'cause you can't pay to get it,
I don't say it in my raps 'cause nine million rappers,
All run around talkin' about they got swagger,
So run away, Ap'll make your stunna shades shatter and,
I reduce crews down to anti-matter and,
No one on the corner got swagger like Ap,
That's a motherfuckin' fact, do the math, add the track,
Then subtract all the wack, I'm the answer every time,
I'm sick, radiate me, there's cancer in my rhyme,
You'll be pukin' on your shirt, yeah I'm stupid, I'm a jerk,
In the booth doin' work, pullin' humans in the dirt,
You can try to do the same but it's not a good look,
I'm impatient, I ain't waitin' I just rap over the hook, 'cause
No one on the corner got swagger boycotted,
Like I got it, like I dragged it in the street, and then I shot it,
And they still sayin' swagger, please I don't buy it,
The only time I swag is when I'm drunker than a pirate,
And all y'all insane, could y'all refrain,
From rockin' them cheap chains and singin' like T-Pain,
They make me wanna vomit how they bullshittin' musically,
They sound like a robot going through puberty,
No one on the corner got swagger like they used to,
Swagger like Slick Rick, swagger like the Juice Crew,
Naturally, Apathy oozes it, uses it,
Fuse with it, if you get it, y'all are just confused with it,
That's so unfortunate how y'all are forced in it,
Like it's tied up in the basement so you can torture it,
Hov said it, that was cool, then it turned corporate,
Used to be fly till you faggots made a corpse of it.

(Apathy talking)
I think you got it confused. When I said "Boycott the word 'Swagger'"..
I didn't mean boycott swagger. I'm talking about the word that these
Corny, fake motherfuckers kill in every other line of their rap.
And they don't even know what the fuck they're talkin' about.

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