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Summer Of Sin

This song is by Apathy.

Forces of good and evil seem to reach their peak

Throwing out the wicked like God did the Devil {x4}
Throwing out the wicked like God did the Devil
Throwing out the wicked like God did the Devil
Full of
Throwing out the wicked like God did the Devil

Cape Cod, Block Island
Got your whole block whiling
Richport to Newport
Nothing funny stop smiling, money piling
Sun shining, unwinding, water blinding
Ray-Bans polarize, no disguise, summertime
In New England, on a boat with a few woman
Who's swimming?
Start sniffing talking quicker than the Fu-Schnickens
Get out my Beamer bitch your bathing suit is still dripping
Why you tripping, can't you see I'm on a mission
Girls kissing, this is cool
Stay sipping till I'm pissing in the pool
Last day skipping school as a teen
Now I'm all about cash and vagine
Maybe fuck her in the ass with a lil' vaseline
In the bubble, don't struggle
Get your money and hussle
I'm chilling at the Oyster Club
Princet with island mussels
And I radiate cool like the Fonz
But I'm hotter than the sun
Fucking blondes till their skin turns bronze
With a bom-bom puking liquor on the homies lawn
People quoting they songs like they were holy Qurans
You want a Boston Whaler or Skiff, inhaling a spliff
Dick stiff, getting throat while your little boat drift
That's New England lifestyle homie
Peep the pedigree
My Ouija board channels energy from dead Kennedy's
Like Caroline's dad got a maritime flag
On the cover for the summer with designer travel bags

Beats everyday and pray for heavy waves
Got a bitch named Becky who dress like Bettie Page
Better chill, 'fore I chase her around like Benny Hill
Fuck her in Poision Ivy patch, where's the Benadryl?
Summers magic, back and forth
You can find me at the shore
Arguing if we should take the born on the Sagamore
Foul mouth Falmouth kids are loving my rap
'Cause I represent the East
Putting New England on the map
From Stonington Borough all the way to North Truro
In like, less than three hours with the Audi Turbo
It's like, I like loud music
Party invader
That's word to your mothers black dog wind breaker
I'm so nautical, Nautica's not an option
And jocking the J Crew that I'm rocking
I'm so popping I'm popular
Pop shots at the rappers who rap regular
Retina scans the infrared signature like a predator
Ap for president preference of people who represent
The place of my residence
And you can see evidence
All the way from Connecticut out to Venice with Evidence
My sentence will shake up the oceans floor and stir the sediments
Bodies bobbing on the water surface like a buoy
Hootchies with the coochie cut her shorts showing booty
This is not a movie, this is really and truly an East Coast summertime, so unruly I'm...

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