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Somethin For The Bitches

This song is by Apathy.

(Verse 1: Suave-Ski)
This is for the freaks
Who stay up under them sheets
Head bobbing in my lap while I'm playing back all these beats
She got her tongue doing tricks
I got a ton of them chicks
Gymnasts who have fun doing flips
I want to beat it I ain't trying to make love
I'm all for all four on a oriental rug
From the back, steadily attack
Pin her till she tap, little slap
On a lot of ass, she a fan of that (yeah)
Popping and dropping and moppin
Whatever the option, I opt in
Baby I'm not him
Yoga pants splitting, I'm hitting without commitment
I'll rip it as soon as I slip in
I'm dipping all in that kitten
I need a porn chick, for this porn flick
I been nasty all my life, I was born sick
I'm a visionary, I see me doing you in Missionary
It's necessary
This is somethin' for the bitches

This is somethin' for the bitches
"Now girls step up to this" (x2)

(Verse 2: Prince Loyal)
You blowing me kisses
'Cause you know I'll swim in you like fishes
I'm a vicious ass crab 'cause I like to grab
And not let go, stab you in your gut until you blow
But my job's to make you happy and the nappy headed kids
But I spazzed on the knife that night
Let's fight the aliens and see the life together
I'll ride, whatever, I'm in the cockpit
With my cock pit in her mouth
Drop your draws bitch, my mind is headed down south
I'm about the action, but I'm not, cool with you crashing here
After I crash my rocket in you, all the atmosphere is there
The beauty turns you into beast, I put you on a leash
You sucked the whole voyage [?]
But I don't, fucking throw grenades on neighbors
Air her when she screaming my name
Like she can't be tamed

(Verse 3: Apathy)
(Ladies and Gentlemen)
This is sponsored by the letter "H"
That little three letter word that every female hates
I want a fuck buddy, I ain't trying to bring you on dates
I want to fuck you while I fantasize of Phoebe Cates
I'm Norman Bates stabbing bitches in the shower for hours
Superman, Supa Ho, that's one of my super powers
Middle of the day on your Facebook lurking
I be jerking while you twerking in my 9 to 5 working
One thing's for certain, no more love rap
I just wanna shoot a million sperm in your butt crack
Get a babysitter for your ratchet ass, rugrats
Now you can tell all your homegirls you fucked Ap
Pulling off her britches, dick game vicious
Glass in the room shatter from your vocal pitches
Pussy muscle twitches, giving you the business
As God as my witness, this is...

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