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How To Breathe Underwater

This song is by Apathy.

Make your troubles go away, blow away (x2)
Make your troubles...

(Verse 1: Suave-Ski)
No car, no license, I still got drive
And I'm still on fire when it's cold outside
Trying to survive, my enemies don't want me alive
But I'm not gonna sit back while these particles all collide
I'm about to pick up all the pieces, and put them back together
Just to floss all my thoughts, to ones that told me never
The water starts to rise, and collect like a debt
By the time, that it get to your neck, you're a wreck
And I bet, that you let, anybody pull you down
Pressure all around, muffled out sound as you start to drown
I'm breathing underwater like the Loch Ness
With old pirates' gold that's locked in wooden boxes
Twenty thousand leagues, where mermaids are topless
I'm one with the agua, like H2O droplets
Slave to the wave, I belong under pressure
I bet you never expected I'd turn you into a specter
Body parts on the stretcher, heart darker than Dexter
Snatch the varsity letter off a Harvard professor
My money's marketed better than stock market investors
You're at the Walmart register next to child molesters, ew

(Verse 2: Jus 'Cause)
If one of my old niggas tell me that life is a promise
It makes a liar out of everyone, just to be honest
Don't judge my wits on stupid shit, 'cause I'm speaking ebonics
I read you dumb motherfuckers, you niggas is phonics
Don't get hooked on, just for the days that was overlooked on
So let it rain, no umbrella for pain
I feel it down to the marrow, the skeleton what remain
This shit is Robert DeNiro, a raging bull in the game
I'm Allah, so read this like a scripture
I shook the whole world, think we need a new Richter
My own mindframe that's as vivid as a picture
Watch me captivate as I decapitate the victor
I'm all crews, man you artists are just all in my way
Bury you alive and watch your body just rot and decay
Look me in my eyes while you die and I shock in your face
Make you wish it wasn't Pac gone and instead it was Drake
Democratic pockets, campaigning with head of the states
With bitches who ain't giving head, but I'm fucking their face
It's like I'm trapped inside a scale, I'm stuck in my ways
Devil want my soul, I just hoping he willing to pay

(Verse 3: Apathy)
This sound fly like a Charlie Brown Christmas
Although it's more vicious
I'm all about my business, I'm calling out you bitches
I'm rapping then we scrapping, then I'm pulling out the stitches
Vanilla Godzilla, Ap's burning all his bridges
I travel underwater like I'm suicidal, soaking in the tub
Eyes open feel the motion of the flood
Drag me out into the ocean, buried deep under the mud
I'm Moses with the flow, turn the water into blood
Like Carrie on the stage, y'all are barely of age
You should be very afraid, cause Ap carries a gauge
And Ap carries grenades, an adversary that raids
And invades, I'm enraged, none escape, no one saved
I'm a wave, I'm a typhoon and everyone die soon
Saloon gun slinger, pulling triggers at high noon
The rising moon that makes all of the tides move
I'll fuck a rich cougar, I'm just one of her side dudes
I'm in one of my moods you'll never survive through
Ap is so driven, you just work in a drive-through
So write a diss record that I'll never reply to
I'll say a voodoo spell and put a devil inside you

Make your troubles go away, blow away (x2)

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