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This song is by Apathy.

"Me and my crew walk the streets at night
Like lookin' for the right one, baby"

(Verse 1: Apathy)
You better watch your mouth
Get carried away and you'll be carried out
It's the king of Connecticut, looking very Sperry-ed out
You just gotta buy the album to find out my whereabouts
And you can tie me to a sail and still never air me out
Summertime I let the Beemer out, make 'em scream and shout
You the type of ratchet bitches they be making memes about
Throw some holy water on 'em, gotta get them demons out
Pat these bitches on the back, spit a little semen out
Bang bang shots fired but you scared to say my name
Suckas try to block my lane like drink service on a plane
Groupies trying to give me brain like the Beatles penny lane
Every lame trying to play me their songs, it's all the same
And it's funny how these trashy bitches call each other basic
Like Medusa with a mirror, because they're terrified to face it
Bitch go get a face lift, better yet go get a spaceship
I'll shoot you to the moon with one boom when the bass hit
Bukkake till your face drips, so go ahead and taste it
That's a million children I just wasted, so don't waste it
These white girls is wasted, flaky, Space Cases
They dropping N-bombs like they racist
All day, while...

"You and I could be together for..."

(Verse 2: Suave-Ski)
Rolling downtown trying to find another bird
Watch the whip swerve, observe the suave flow of words
Pull up to the curb, curvy made her curtsy in a summer dress
Unimpressed, I just want to see shorty come undressed
Cumming on her breasts, 'cause I heard that cum on the flesh
Is way better than lotion, I'm so cunning and fresh
An now that Suave's on the job, trick slob on my knob
Y'all are frogs on a log trying to swallow pollywogs
I'm a problem for blogs, bust globs on a blonde
Make her ass jiggle like fat blobs get a job
Take some groupies to the movies then to Ruby Tuesdays
An make them do me two ways, I'm too blazed
I get away like a ghost, that's how it's supposed to go
I see it, I want it, I beat it, I'm running
Man I never ever host these hoes
I dick 'em, I diss 'em, dismiss 'em, don't miss 'em
Play your position, I'm fixing the system
Bitches don't listen, tuck in your lip and quit tripping
Just strip and get tipped, and listen to me rippin' this shit
The illest to spit, I'll evict a video
Vixen out the crib like the rents late
The anti-Drake, the asshole all your friends hate, cause...

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