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​Apache Ain't Shit

This song is by Apache and appears on the album Apache Ain't Shit (1992).

Aw damn! Oh shit
Yeah, yo, yo yo yo baby
Get the fuck out!
Get the fuck out?
Yes, get the fuck out!
What the fuck you mean, get the fuck out?
Get the fuck up and get the fuck out!
Oh you on that shit?
Yeah I'm on that shit
Oh you livin' like that?
Yeah I'm livin' like that
Yeah aight, yeah okay Apache, you ain't shit!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

(Apache you ain't shit!) That's what they're sayin' G
(Apache you ain't shit!) But there's no playin' me
(Apache you ain't shit!) So fuckin' what?
(Apache you ain't shit!) J drop a cut

Yo I ain't shit, won't be shit, won't quit
Quick, here comes a catchy Apache with a long dick
I can't believe you think something's up my sleeve
'Cause I'll fuck, give you a buck, then tell you to leave
Get real, fuck how you feel, smile don't pout
I'm done hon, you came twice, now get the fuck out
I waited a long time to get ya
Let the doorknob hit ya, where the good lord split ya
Back in the days you tried to get me now I'm gettin' you
That's reason one-two, ain't shit else to do
A man, with a plan and the know-how
Not lookin' for Mrs. Right, lookin' for Mrs. Right Now
Get your coat deep throat and get Swayze
I'm out to get back anybody who plays me
Don't try to flip, button up your lip
Hell yeah I'm on that tip and I ain't shit

Come have dinner with a winner don't worry about the price
Just kidding, I wouldn't buy you a fuckin' slice
I ain't shit dear, beware, ask me if I care
Fuck callin' you a cab; here's your bus fare
Don't ask me to bring your shit, 'cause I don't deliver
And give me my shit back, I'm in Indian giver
If there's money to be made then I'll make it
I did you like I did you 'cause I thought you could take it
Come come get with it, go 'head admit it
You heard I wasn't shit and still let me hit it
Tried to trap me like Tyson, a damn shame
I put a hit on everybody with the same name
I'm on the move, no time to wine and dine a hoe
It's not hard for me to love 'em and let 'em go
Just let me hit the hips, fuck the friendships
I'm on that tip 'cause I ain't shit!

I'm a man without morals, so don't bet me
I'll fuck my girl's best friend if she lets me
Better yet, don't let me forget the past
Stick around and get a bone kicked out your ass
Speakin' of asses, I'm an ass man, lay down
Got a four inch dick and that's from the ground
Cuties pursue me to do me, I dodge 'em
Or find 'em, freak 'em, fuck 'em then rob 'em
Since I can't live without 'em let's have fun
Bitches are like Pringles, you can't eat just one
Save the commitment shit for a committed nigga
I'll be committed to a bitch pullin' in five figures
But my pockets got a padlock, they stay stocked
Money grabbers after mine to (?) stage cock
Forget a relationship, listen honey dip
I'm on that tip, 'cause I ain't shit!