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She'll Learn

This song is by Antifreeze and appears on the album Antifreeze (1998) and on the compilation Warped Tour 2002 Tour Compilation (2002).

I've got a band, it's O.K.
I've got a girl, she steps on me
She always tells me, "everything all right"
She tells me I stand tall, I have all of the might

In my mind, I can see her face turn,
When she's with all of her friends
She sets her trust on fire to burn,
Now she's taking a lesson, she will learn

I've got some friends, the're O.K
I've got a girl, I think she wants on me
She always tells my friends everythings all right
She tells her friends she wants me to F O D

I wanna know, why won't she do this to me?
I want her to learn, I want her to get rid of me

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