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Is He Your Boyfriend?

This song is by Antifreeze and appears on the album Love Is Cold (2000) and on the album Four Letter Words (2001).

You were in the second row
I saw you at one of our shows
you were different then any other girl

I think it was the way that you smiled
When i sang or announced the song title
Thoughts were spinning in my head
you and me, Deep wishes, and denile

and i dont know why you looked at me
I thought you were thinking the same as me
When our set was done, i went to find my true love
but you were with the singer from the other band

I saw you holding his hand
yes, that guy from the other band
right then, i knew he was your boyfriend

I'll never understand
and if i did i wouldnt comprehend
why you gave me that look when i was up there singing in my own land

and i dont know why
why you turned away
i thought you were thinking the same as me

When i looked for you
i found you in his subaru
and you were kissing the singer
of the other band

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