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I Wanna Be Your Taxi Driver

This song is by Antifreeze and appears on the album Antifreeze (1998).

Hello, you know my name, I'll be your taxi driver today
I'll take you anywhere you want to go and there will be no toll
what time do you get out of school? where you want is where I'll be
I'll meet you by the 21 doors, i'll be there at 3

can I pick you up from school? Ive got to talk to you
I wanna give you a ride, so I can be by your side,
and I can take you home
If you want to leave, that's ok with me, but if you want to stay
you're always welcome aboard, for you alot of fuel I've stored
I wanna be your taxi cab driver today

my car, it's not a Lincoln, it's not a cadillac
but it drives down the road, and the seats go back
there is no stick-shift in the way, and I'll always let the radio play
so come on, walk strait, into my cab,
there is nothing to push you away

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