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Victims Of The Blade

This song is by Antichrist.

The killer's eyes searching in the dying light
He has to kill to satisfy his appetite
Rule the night out looking for you

The city streets are empty
Lights are running low
The sounds of steps are present
The night moves slow

Crying angels in the sky, the devil is at service now
A need of power in his mind, satisfied by homicide

Victims of the blade

You can't move, paralyzed with fear
In the shadow of a killer the end is drawing near
A twisted mind, victims of insanity
Now you pay and nothing can save you at all

Strike, out from the shadows of the night
All you see is the flash of the blade
Psycho on the loose, panic as he comes
Run away from terror, running through the slums

Prowling the streets
Attack from behind
Cannot resist
The demons inside

Victims of the blade

Finally he's got you, caught in his web
Revealing his blade, your blood will be shed
The act of the killer, the look in his eyes
The edge of the knife turns red as you die

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