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This song is by Antichrist.

Set sail to a place where evil dwells
Sail the seas of blood to reach the gates of hell
Journey to the darkest known domain
To a place where only death remains

As if possessed in a trance we enter the gates
Within this mystic world our fate awaits
Behind these massive pillars made of stone
We make our way through a maze of human bones

City of the dead
A portal now ahead

In rivers of madness, in oceans of grief
Mysterious power beyond belief
In temples and tombs of a world most unreal
Its terrible secrets will soon be revealed

A freezing wind pierces my soul
Lost in the mist, lost all control
Sinister visions torturing me
At last I turn to insanity

Our quest, our search for the key
The power that will set us free
Desire, immortality
The answer will be the end of me

Within sepulchral
Catacombs we brood
Trapped inside this monolithic tomb
The mother of darkness, the eater of souls
Submit to the mystical power she holds

"Now you have travelled across the river Styx,
To arrive at the shores of doom. But you will
Go no further, your souls will be damned in the
Shadows of an endless tomb.
Death has dominion in Necropolis"

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