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Filibuster XXX

This song is by Antibalas.

Hm hm hm hm, yes, my brothers and sisters
Yes, filibuster!
??, Mm-hmm
Just like tic-tac-toe from general to CEO
From CEO to président, mm-hmm

No one want Give Op Power
Power no gon' let you go
Selected officials remember
To get your power from the people, huh
No one-party system
Controlling everything
They sold us up the river
?? This war was ??

(Filibuster XXX)
(Filibuster XXX)
?? This was was ??
(Filibuster XXX)
(Filibuster XXX)
Controlling everything

Bill Frist, ol' Dick Cheney
Lifetime's appointees
This whole corporate Senate
Can no longer lead ya, hm
Can no longer lead ya
Lifetime's appointees

What is G.O.P., class?
Let's examine this a-cronynynynynism
Is it Greedy Old People, class?
(Now G.O.P.)
OK, OK, is it Guilty Of Purgery, hmm?
(Now G.O.P.)
OK, let's try this one:
How about, uh, Gas, Oil and Plutonium?
(Now G.O.P.)
I mean a-grabbin' the private parts and nailing the people? Mm-hmm.
(Now G.O.P.)
Now G.O.P., dem go say, dem go do, dem go do ?? things dem go say now
(G.O.P., what they say?)
Clean air, dem go say
(G.O.P., what they do?)
Choke the sky
(G.O.P., what they say?)
Protecting democracy, but
(G.O.P., what they do?)
Expanded corporatocracy
(G.O.P., what they say?)
Care for the future
(G.O.P., what they do?)
Leave the child behind
(G.O.P., what they say?)
Speaking, singing ?? relieve war
(G.O.P., what they do?)
But they leave the poor for drowning

Filibuster, filibuster
Now listen, buster:
No one-party ruling, over!
Silent minority
Democratic falling over, over
?? G.O.P., oh!
Filibuster (Filibuster XXX)
Oh (XXX)
XXX (Filibuster XXX)
Ceo (xxx)
President (Filibuster XXX)
Ex-general (XXX)
To CEO (Filibuster XXX)
Government official (XXX)
To private sector, oh (XXX)
Lawyer (XXX) to lobbyist (XXX)
Yeah (XXX)
Xxx (xxx)

What is G.O.P.?
(Now G.O.P.)
Huh? ??
Ex-CEO to presidente
Ex-general, CEO
Government official, private sector, oh
Lawyer, ??

What is G.O.P., haha?
Filibuster filibuster filibuster, oh

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