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Safe Tonight

This song is by Anti-Flag and appears on the album Die For The Government (1996).

You know I feel so violent, just wanna break some glass
Everyday I pray i'll be my last
Turnin to a blank wall of wondering what to do
Turnin to a caliber .22

Everyday it's just the same old
And everyday it just gets worse by night
If I hit the streets I think i'll be alright
But until I do, I won't be safe tonight...Safe tonight.

Everyday I remember all that led to this
And everyday, don't you know, I get a little more pissed
Bangin on myself bc I just don't care
There's nothing left for me back there

Twisted and violent, I don't know what to do
I left there for the streets last night, thinkin only of you
Be safe tonight... Safe tonight

It all falls down on to me, like a baseball bat
It hurts me, haunts me, hurts me, haunts me
I never want to go back
I'm twisted tonight and I don't know what to do
I'm twisted tonight, I wanna be with you
Wanna be with you, wanna be, wanna be, wanna be,
Wanna be with you...

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