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No Apology

This song is by Anti-Flag and appears on the album A New Kind Of Army (1999).

Slaughtered by the hands of a butcher
The hands of the butcher were the hands of a "doctor"
And these are the golden days that you want to bring back?

Making it illegal won't make it go away
The rich will fly to far off lands, the poor will stay and pray
That their back alley abortion is clean and safe

You can't make it go away, so why endanger women's lives?
Because the issue here for you isn't life...
IT'S CONTROL! Control of what we do and say

Is to value life, to move a factory to,
The place that you can most easily fuck those laboring for you?
That isn't what I call a high value on life

And yet that is the policy of those on the right
Who back the brainwashed Jesus jumpers with the cash flow for the fight
But we won't let you control our lives

We're not gonna be, herded like your flock of sheep
I value life more than anything...
And your false morals, can't do a thing to brainwash me

And there's no justice, in a system,
that's run by greedy old men, who want to control our lives
There's no justice in a system,
that's run by greedy old men, who want to control our lives

You're not gonna control our lives anymore...

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