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The Dark Lights

This song is by Anthemon and appears on the demo Nocturnal Contemplations (1998).

I've never seen this woman before hating my life
This moon, rising Death, its blood-stained knife
Moon and Sun, Death and Life, Night and Day
Opposing feelings coming from the same way
Guided by the moon, I'm about to die
Under the dark light but now I follow
The moon glow...

Walking through a mesmerizing light
Leading me to an eternal night
I'm searching for a reason to accept myself
Inside me, the pains dwell

The threshold is crossed... sign of cross
The split is done... spread bones
Falling tears... growing fears
Illuminated nights... dark lights

Under the Light, following this blackened rainbow
Guided by the Moon, I'm dying in the rain
Opposing feelings coming from the same might
Sun and Moon, Life and Death, Day and Night
This Moon, rising Death, my blood-stained life

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