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​Nocturnal Contemplation

This song is by Anthemon and appears on the demo Nocturnal Contemplations (1998).

The Sunset is about to come. You were my sun.
The moon is gonna come. Want to be alone.

I'm walking on this path where roses have been spread
After your departures to the Land of the Dead.
My footsteps resound on the grass, and my cries
Grow as the white dove dies.

Where you are, you may hear my weeping.
Where you go, you may feel my fears.

The red sun sleeps with the distant Horizon.
The first moonbeams begin to chill strenghtless arms.

"Beneath your feet, lies the sun burning my shroud.
The happiness haunts me as the sky and grey clouds,
Give birth to infernal winds and cold rains.
Then, comes the Silence..."

The Moon appears behind the mountain of Lust,
Straight away I stop crying to look at her. I must
Forget this world and wash my hands of this life.
Let the Moon be my wife!...
Let the Moon be my daughter!...

Now, on the path, where my tears have been buried,
After my meeting with the spirits of the Moon,
Footsteps still resound. Slowly, this holy tune
Falls apart as I'm standing next to the grid.

Where you are, you may not hear my weeping.
Where you go, you always fell my fears.