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This song is by Anouk and appears on the album Lost Tracks (2001).

Original video
It's funny how I blind myself
So I don't have to see
They're taking me down and bringing me to my knees
Letting me know I'm alone
Not afraid to die no more
The house above
Heaven won't you pick me up now

Love all I needed was love
someone give me some love
I guess it's only meant for some of us

Life has made me lose my mind
I'm not doing alright these days
Lying naked on my kitchen floor
So cold,well I thought I had a lion's heart
I guess I was wrong
I feel so damn lonely

Love all I needed was some love
Could someone give me some sweet loving
'Cause this is more than I can bear
My nights are getting darker as time goes by,
how I've tried to keep these walls from falling down
One way or another they shut me down

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