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The Rain

This song is by Another Level and appears on the album Another Level (1998).

Original video
Verse 1:

Ain't it hard to believe, that the love we had is over
Thought the house that we built, was strong enough to last forever

Prechorus 1x:

'Cause now the party's over, and you wanna be friends
But when the music stops, tell me how will it end
I could try to pretend but if I see you again I won't lie,
I might break like the sky 'cause

Chorus 1x:

Inside my tears are falling, and all I can see is rain
Inside I hear you calling, but all I can feel is pain

Verse 2:

See I used to get mad, now i'm sad 'cause i'm learning my lesson
There's no use in tears, when you know love is not posession

- Prechorus -

- Chorus -